Character Interview with Amber Garr



Character Interview with Eviana Dumahl

Eviana, what has it been like being the new clan leader?

Rough. I’ve never felt more unprepared in my life. But Kain’s been helping me and together we’ve been able to get by.

And how are you coping after your parents deaths?

I’m coping. Some days are harder than others and every time I see their bedroom, I have to walk away. My sister’s having a really hard time, so it helps me focus on her needs more than mine.

It must be difficult being such a young clan leader. How are you going to demand respect from your clan?

The million dollar question. I’m trying to learn to keep the snark under control and think through every word that comes out of my mouth. If I can perfect my powers, then maybe that will earn me some respect as well. I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing battle.

You seem to have many guys in your life lately. Kain, Brendan, and Graham are all amazing. Do you have any idea who you will choose?

Tell me about it. Choose? I don’t even know if I have a choice. I love Brendan. Always have, always will. So it’s hard to be objective right now. Kain is…great and would be the perfect choice for our families. But I’m pretty sure I messed that up a while ago. And Graham…he just gets me. My heart is torn…

Now that Brendan has felt the call, do you think you two will ever reunite?13495244

I don’t know. For the first time ever…I don’t know what the future holds for us. Do selkies ever break free from that? If not, then how can we be together?

And what of Graham’s betrayal? Will you ever find it in yourself to forgive him?

(Sigh). Graham’s just confused. He fell under Lucian’s spell and made some bad choices. And who am I to judge someone on their questionable decisions? He’s been though a lot and I think others forget that. I might be able to forgive him someday…but I need some time.

What can we expect from you later on? Can we expect big things?

Well first I have to get out of this mess and find my way home! Oh, and then I probably need to convince Lucian not to start a war. You know…just the usual. At some point I’d like to take a breath.

Before you go, Eviana, tell us your true feelings for Graham. Is it just a crush, or did your feelings amount to more than that?

I felt…connected with Graham. Of course he’s easy to look at but it was more than that. He understands what it’s like to be in my position and to constantly fight to prove we’re worthy of respect. There’s something about him that fills an empty space inside. Whether that’s a temporary fix or not, I don’t know.