Book Review: What I Saw by Beck Nicholas


27916632One punch will shatter a town.

Is anyone ready for the consequences of the truth?

Callie Jones is not the kind of girl who gets drunk at school dances, and certainly not now, with her scholarship on the line. And she definitely doesn’t hang around with bad boys like Rhett Barker. Especially alone, at night. But these are the circumstances she finds herself in when she witnesses a king hit that lands the town’s golden boy in a coma.

With his reputation, no one is less surprised than Rhett when he is accused of throwing the punch. But he didn’t do it. And he knows Callie saw what really went down. He just has to convince the ‘ice princess’ to come forward and talk to the police – except, for once, good girl Callie doesn’t seem all that interested in telling the truth. Just what is she hiding, and why?

Drawn together by secrets, scandal and heartache, Callie and Rhett find themselves getting closer – even as the solution to their problems gets further away.

Book Review

With the ongoing cases of King Hits or Coward Punches in Australia, I thought the general idea of What I Saw was really interesting. I hadn’t read a book by Beck Nicholas before so I was unsure what to expect of the writing. I found it a bit hard to rate What I Saw as some bits I did enjoy and some I didn’t.

What I enjoyed:

WIS is told from both Callie and Rhett’s POV. This is one aspect of the book I did enjoy because you did get to understand the reasons behind the actions they took. We did get a real sense of the type of people they were. Callie and Rhett weren’t just the “good girl” and “bad boy” stereotypes.

I though the fact that author Beck Nicholas didn’t shy away from a topic like king hits was great. It was sad to see what could happen from one person’s punch and how it doesn’t just affect one person. The false accusations and all the anger that goes along with an act of violence was all represented within WIS which made for an interesting read.

What I didn’t enjoy:

Considering the timeline of WIS is (from memory) 3 or 4 days I thought the romance was too insta-love for my taste. I just couldn’t believe in it. I think if this story just showed the romance in its’ initial stages then I would have gotten on board, but it was just too much to fast.

I felt the pacing was a bit off in this book. At some points I would be sitting and reading with ease, and at others I would be struggling to get through a couple of pages. I felt the writing could be a bit stilted at times.

Overall I did think What I Saw had a lot of promise and potential, however it may have missed the mark a bit. I do applaud Beck Nicholas on writing about kings hits as it is a rising problem. I think I will still look out for Beck’s new books to see if they fit my taste better.

Thanks to Harlequin Teen Australia for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Pages: 301

Publishing Date: March 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Teen Australia

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