Book Review: The Year We Fell Down (The Ivy Years #1) by Sarina Bowen


SarinaBowen-TheIvyYears#1The sport she loves is out of reach. The boy she loves has someone else.

What now?

She expected to start Harkness College as a varsity ice hockey player. But a serious accident means that Corey Callahan will start school in a wheelchair instead.

Across the hall, in the other handicapped-accessible dorm room, lives the too-delicious-to-be real Adam Hartley, another would-be hockey star with his leg broken in two places. He’s way out of Corey’s league.

Also, he’s taken.

Nevertheless, an unlikely alliance blooms between Corey and Hartley in the “gimp ghetto” of McHerrin Hall. Over tequila, perilously balanced dining hall trays, and video games, the two cope with disappointments that nobody else understands.

They’re just friends, of course, until one night when things fall apart. Or fall together. All Corey knows is that she’s falling. Hard.

But will Hartley set aside his trophy girl to love someone as broken as Corey? If he won’t, she will need to find the courage to make a life for herself at Harkness — one which does not revolve around the sport she can no longer play, or the brown-eyed boy who’s afraid to love her back.

My Review:

This is a little hard for me to say, especially because I’ve been loving Sarina Bowen lately, but I really just didn’t click with this book. It really came down to three things 1) I didn’t think that the two main characters had very much chemistry 2) it was difficult for me to connect with this been and to connect it with the New Adult genre and, 3) I had a problem with the cheating aspect of the book.

Some may disagree, but I didn’t think that Corey and Adam had much chemistry. Yes, they were friends. Yes, they had some really cute moments in this book. That being said, there were no moments between Corey and Adam that made my heart swoon. There were no moments that made me fall in love with either of the characters. In fact, I ended up doing a lot of skimming throughout this book, because everyone just bored me. Also, I really didn’t like the supporting characters. There were one or two supporting characters that I definitely am interested in reading more about. Mostly, though, I felt that the majority of the characters blended together and didn’t really have their own personalities.

While I loved the fact that this book focused on main characters with disabilities, I honestly had a difficult time relating to it. I definitely think that there should be more books like this out there, it was just a struggle for me to relate to it. Another thing that was really difficult for me was relating this book the NA genre. I associate most NA books with tons of chemistry, several hot and steamy scenes, etc. There was really none of that going on in this book….. It was just…mehhh.

Finally, I hated all of the cheating going on in this book. Yes, cheating is a real part of the world. Yes, the cheating in this book probably made it more realistic. Did I like it, though? No. I wouldn’t put up with someone cheating on me. I also wouldn’t put up with someone cheating with me on someone else. It was all very unattractive and unappealing. I wasn’t interested.

Overall, I just didn’t care for this book. I’m going to DNF it, because I actually did a ton of skimming at the end and find it unfair for me to give it a star rating. This one just was not for me.

Rating: DNF