Book Review: Midnights by Rainbow Rowell


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Book Review:

I struggled with whether or not I wanted to write up one whole review for this book or individual reviews for each of the stories in this book. I decided that I’m going to write individual reviews for each of the stories in this book, because I don’t want to forget anything or just have a bland main review that doesn’t really tackle the individual stories. So….we’ll just have 12 reviews for this book! Works for me!

I’ve actually listened to this story a couple of times (I own the audiobook.) It is one of the most beautiful stories. Not shocking, since Rainbow Rowell is amazing and perfect. I do have to admit, though, the that audio version is a little bit better. I tend not to be the biggest fan of audiobooks, but this one really captures the cuteness and the romance between Noel and Mags.

Midnights by Rainbow Rowell captures four consecutive New Years Eve’s between Noel and Mags. It starts from when they first meet each other and ends at the point that they fall in love. It’s a very short story (roughly about 20ish pages.) Honestly, I wish it was its own book. I would devour every single page. Also, I don’t know who I like more: Noel or Mags. Obviously, I love them as a couple, but they also have such unique personalities that really captivated me. Rainbow Rowell couldn’t have captured better characters for this story!

I’m interested to see what my opinion of the rest of the stories will be. I’ve listened to probably about 65 to 70% of this book via the audio version. There are a few stories, though, that I haven’t listened to. I can’t remember if this one was my favorite. I know that there’s another one or two in here that I LOVED listening to. I’ll remember those ones when I run across them!

Stay tuned for the rest of my reviews for the remaining stories in this book! I’m excited to share them with you! So far, this story was a hit!

Rating: [rating: 5]  I wish I could give it a higher rating!