Book Blitz: When Fangirls Lie by Marian Tee

When Fangirls LieWhen Fangirls Lie by Marian Tee
(How (Not) to be Seduced by Rockstars #1)
Publication date: May 9th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

19-year-old Saffi March is not the perfect girl everyone thinks she is. When the pressure of pretending becomes too much, she escapes for a weekend and transforms herself into another persona – a hardcore groupie for the rockstar also known as Sweden’s #1 Sex God, Staffan Aehrenthal.
One look at the beautiful girl hopelessly trying to hide her naïve virginal innocence behind skimpy dresses and garish makeup and Staffan immediately knows the groupie called “H” is hiding a secret. He also knows he needs her desperately. He’s determined to make her his, the only girl who’s able to soothe the demons in him.
But before Staffan can let Saffi into his life, those stars in her eyes have to go – and he’ll do everything for that to happen, even if it means cruelly hurting Saffi until she realizes that he would never trust anyone with his heart again.


Read below for a special character interview!


For today’s interview we’re welcoming Staffan Aehrenthal. Most of you know him for his numerous Billboard #1 hits – more likely, you also know him as Sweden’s #1 Sex God. So without further ado, here’s Staffan, who’s promised to answer the questions every fangirl is keen to ask.

Is it true you’re dating one of your fans?

No. I wish I was because I’m quite terribly in love with her, but no. She’s only using me for my body.

(Readers, we heard a girl groan in the background at this, but we’re not sure)

What’s your usual move to impress a girl?

I have sex with her.

(Staffan gives us a wicked grin, plus a look at under his lashes, my oh my. We totally fanned ourselves with this one, ladies.)

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Do you think you’ll still be touring and playing music by then?

Most likely not – I need to take over the family business once my stepfather retires. Considering the size of my stepfather’s business and the fact that he employs thousands of employees around the world, I can’t in all conscience risk letting them down and have them lose their jobs – which is what could happen if I still decide to juggle my music career with managing the company.

What’s your ideal girl like?

Someone who is so crazy about me she can’t breathe without even thinking my name, but at the same time she should also be level-headed enough to keep me on my toes and make sure my feet stays on the ground. I want her to be obsessed with me completely because that’s how I love a girl – obsessively, like there’s no tomorrow for us to share another kiss.

Now, we’ll give you several words then say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Dream. Babies

Success. Sex

Beauty. Love

Dislike. Dishonesty

Sex. Anywhere

(Phew! That’s the end of the interview!)



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