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August 29, 2009 posted by Nikki

Blood Promise Frenzy… Where is it?

Richelle Mead’s fourth book in the Vampire Academy series, Blood Promise, was released last week. We interviewed Richelle in the lead up to the release date, and we reviewed the book and scheduled it for publication the day of the book’s release. Considering how popular the Vampire Academy series is, and all the discussions we’ve been seeing on various Internet sites (including this one), I expected a much bigger fuss. There was this enormous build up, but now everyone has gone quiet.

Where are the fans? Why aren’t they speaking out about this one?

I’m dying to know if they liked it. I’m dying to know if they didn’t. They can’t possibly still be reading, right? Is that the reason the Vampire Academy enthusiasts have dropped out of cyberspace?

Was the build up all for nothing? Did the fans NOT actually go ahead and purchase the book? Answers is what I’m after… I need to know. It’s killing me.

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  • I loved this book and think that most people are probubly still waiting to get it for a cheeper price or something can’t wait for the next book

  • I don’t know really why nobody is posting anything, but to me it just wasn’t all that great. It felt as though the quality of the writing went down. And the end of the story is so obvious that there’s no point to even read the next book. Adrian is going to get is heart broken(unfortunately!) and Rose is going to find a way to save D. Then lisa and Christen are going to get back together, and put the queen in her place, or shes going to die and there will be a new ruler(probably lisa.) so yes it was kinda a dissipointment.

  • Love love love love , cant wait for the 5th one to come out.

  • i personally am a fan of the series, but right now the economic is killing me. My parents have limited me to about two books a month, unless i check them out of the library–which doesnt always have the newest, best books–and i dont even get an allowance anymore. im fifteen. Im in a bind. Anyways, my point being is that a lot of other people are being affected by it too, so maybe the release of Blood Promise was so anticlimatic because people just dont want to but a $20 book when they could spend that on groceries or gas. Plus, i think that people are genuinely tired of all that vampire jazz. I mean, it is great and all, but….it is slowly becoming more and more juvenile, leaking down into the middle and elementary schools. Which, in my opinion, is completely INAPPROPRIATE for their ages!!!!!! I mean, sometimes, i even cover my eyes while I am reading, and flip ahead a few pages!!!


  • ok i don’t why everyone else isn’t posting but too me i get about 1 book every 2 weeks and i already got a week before that. I actually liked the 4th book it had heaps of twists but my fav of the series is the first one it was way funny and i think the first of every series is the best.
    Mostly because thats when you meet the characters. The second is normally were it’s like the first one wasn’t enough and then the last of the series, you don’t want it to end. honestly the age difference does kind creep me out, but still you love, who you love right???
    anyways yeah it was pretty good book kind of obvious in some parts but still good. can’t wait for the next book!

  • HEY!! My parents Are five Years apart too….There is nothing Wring With that you Know….anyways I am like THE BIGGEST FAN of vampire Academy but i was kind of Bummed out about blood Promise …..It wasnt as Goos as I expected…..

  • OMG!!! the 4th book was like woah. I thought H.O.N was the best series there was. but… DANG i was SOBBING when dimitri really died. and then of course!… THANKYOU SO MUCH! i LOVED the series and i’m only at this website to find out if you were making another. THANK GOD YOU ARE!!! I can’t even wait. There’s nothing you should change. the way you write. think. create. it’s all perfect. and unlike alot of books the way you continue it makes logical sense instead of me having to be like “what?” again. thankyou SO MUCH! the 4th book was AH-MAZING

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