Blood Promise Frenzy… Where is it?


Richelle Mead’s fourth book in the Vampire Academy series, Blood Promise, was released last week. We interviewed Richelle in the lead up to the release date, and we reviewed the book and scheduled it for publication the day of the book’s release. Considering how popular the Vampire Academy series is, and all the discussions we’ve been seeing on various Internet sites (including this one), I expected a much bigger fuss. There was this enormous build up, but now everyone has gone quiet.

Where are the fans? Why aren’t they speaking out about this one?

I’m dying to know if they liked it. I’m dying to know if they didn’t. They can’t possibly still be reading, right? Is that the reason the Vampire Academy enthusiasts have dropped out of cyberspace?

Was the build up all for nothing? Did the fans NOT actually go ahead and purchase the book? Answers is what I’m after… I need to know. It’s killing me.

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