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December 9, 2009 posted by Nikki

Beautiful Creatures Hits the Silver Screen

We’re stoked to announce that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to adapt Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl’s novel, Beautiful Creatures, for the big screen.

Richard LaGravanese (who directed P.S I Love You) is rumored to be both writing the script and taking on the role of director for the film.

No word yet as to who will be playing out leading lady and leading lad. Any suggestions?

Beautiful Creatures also debuted at number three on the NY Times Bestsellers List for December 20, 2009.

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  • Anybody know when the auditions start? I can’t find the date anywhere!

  • yea does anyone know? i would love to audition.

  • yup yup!!..same here…we all want out shot

  • ya any ideas. I think i would pull off a good ethan i want to audition. Even if i dont make it they better pick a good actor that fits the role.

  • I think i would be a good LARKEN!!! What do you think? or maybe Macon

  • I have this haven’t read it yet.I will soon.The comments help to get how people like it.I hop it as good as everyone says.

  • i would like to know when and where the auditions are too. I think i would make a great lena duchannes, so i would love the chance to audition. (

  • I LOVED the book, so I can’t wait for the movie!!!!

  • I think that they should pick new actors for some of the major parts like Lena and Ethan. Give new people a chance. I really wana audition. Have they released audition dates?

  • I really would like to adution for Lena!!!!!!! Except i dont have black hair or green eyes sooo……. DANG IT!

    • Doesn’t matter! They often give roles to people that don’t look the part, as long as you can act well!

  • I hope he doesn’t ruin the movie. The book is FANTASTIC!!! 10/10. I’m really looking forward to the other 4 books and the movie! But they better not ruin the movie!

  • i LOVED beautiful creatures !! even my best friend (whos a guy) loved it !!
    i cant wait until this is released. i hope they stick to the book as much as possible

  • I need to know where the auditions will be held in California. I can’t find the date anywhere!

  • I really would be happy if someone could tell me the adtion date, beacuse i really like the book and i love Ethan caracther, and i thing i would make a great lena!! and its so sad that macon died but i think he will return somehow


  • Can anyone tell me where the auditions are being held!
    I can not find anyhting about it

  • I would love to audition if anyone knows where and when the auditions are!!!

  • Yea I would love to know when they are have they even started writing the script yet?

  • Does anyone know where and when the adutions will be? I would love to aduition for the roles of Lena and Ridley. Hopefully i find out i would really love to be in this movie i lve this book soooo much I have read it soo many times lol.

  • I would be a perfect lena…. I read the book soooooo many times. I am her age, i would loveeeeeeeeee to be her!!!!!!! Please

  • I am a skilled actress, I have tons of experience and I would like to get the date of the audition to be in the movie.

  • if anyone knows where or when the aditions are plz say cause i would make a perfect ridley 😉

  • if anyone knows where or when the aditions are plz say cause i would make an amazingridley 😉

  • Yeah, when are auditions? I want a shot at Genevieve! Idk how many people have said I look exactly like her (red-gold curly hair, blue-green eyes, pale, could definitely pass for her age…pretty good actress too. Played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing last year, starred in 3 other plays.)

  • I wanna play lena, anyone know ANYTHING bout auditions????

  • Would love to know when the auditions are? Anyone know?

  • When I saw that they are saying it’s the new Twilight, I wanted to cry. These books are so close to my heart.

    I always hoped they would wait until I made it into the acting world before making a movie.

    But I must ask the same question as many others have,

    I would be an amazing Ridley.

  • i really want to audition, i think i would make a great lena, but im 12 so i might be too young but i look much older, but if i could get a part i might fit as lenas little cousin, i just really want to be in this movie, make a little somthing outta this iowa girl 😀 and no i dont live in the country 😛

  • I hope they go to other countries for auditions also, not just America. I really want to land a part in this movie, especially Lena’s. I nearly look the part, except for her eyes. :L

  • Does anyone know when it be come out

  • My name is Erin White and I am fifteen years old.

    Acting is my life and I want to be a professional actress. I have the passion, skill and I work hard!

    I have been going to drama school for the last six and a half years, I have acted in several TV adverts and I have made movies myself.
    Please give me the chance to live my dreams!

    Where and when can I audition?

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