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October 17, 2009 posted by Nikki

Banning Books – Right or Wrong?

You may, or may not, have heard that the the Texas ACLU has just released its list of banned books for 2009 and Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy is among the list of prohibited books. This has sparked considerable discussion on our forum, and in the wider Internet community alike. Personally, I don’t really see the problem with the Vampire Academy novels, and frankly I was shocked to see that Speak by Laurie Anderson was on the list too. After a little digging, though, I discovered that this was not the first time this book had made its way onto this list. Speak has many important, empowering lessons for teens everywhere found within its pages.

We here at yaReads are very interested in the issue of censorship and the subsequent banning of books and we want to hear from you. Parents, fans, teens, teachers, everyone – what do you think? Should books like Vampire Academy be removed from high school reading lists and library shelves?

Comment below and tell us what you think.

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  • I hate it when people try to ban books. If a child is mature enough, they should be able to read a book. Banning books from children is only going to make it more likely that they’ll go out and read the book.

    I really enjoyed Vampire Academy. Okay, it may not be suitable for REALLY young readers. But it was okay for me.

  • I know I said this on the forum but I’ll say it here too… If they are going to ban VA, I have a list of worse YA vamp books for them to ban… I’m just saying why ban the popular book… I wonder if the people on the board were like “wait kids are reading something… lets ban it” I mean that’s what happened with HP… If you are gonna ban VA then what about Blue Bloods, or HON… If you want to get into other YAs the list will be even longer… Its just not right.

  • I just went to the Texas ACLU website to check out the book list – wow! They have put together some amazing resources to “celebrate the freedom to read” and I LOVE the fact that they published this report to highlight all formal book challenges and bannings in the state. While I am strongly opposed to banning books, just as they are, I think it’s great publicity for these books. The report has charts and graphs of where challenges occur, for what reason, and whether or not the book was banned or not. Very cool – thanks for sharing!

  • thanks for the link! I’m proud to say that none of the school districts in my area are on this list!

  • Banning Books should be banned. That is how i feel about it. Banning them is so pointless because now, we can just look it up online, and…bam! We’ve read it. Whoo. Way to solve THAT problem, Texas. Because that is just exactly what you needed to fix, forget the pollution problems, the economic crisis, and running out of gasoline–let’s go ban a book, becaust that just makes us feel better on the inside….

    Sorry. I just had to vent something out. I apologize if anyone is offended :)

    **btw i am from alabama, but it still makes me angry that people do pointless things…sigh.

  • Wrong. Banning books is wrong, people should be able to read what they want.

  • It so wrong that they want to ban a book. I get that there are parts that may make them want to stop us reading it but isn’t it our choice. if we don’t think we can handle it we wouldn’t start reading the book. banning any book is wrong cause it’s pretty much the only way we use are imagination at our age. instead of us sitting in front of a tv, letting it put images in our head.if there going to ban books why not ban tv too.

  • banning books is wrong.people should be able to read what they want and write what they want to write about

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