Author Interview with Sophie Jordan



I am so excited to be featuring Uninvited by Sophie Jordan as our January Book of the Month. I LOVED this book! Seriously…it’s just amazing from start to finish. Uninvited is like nothing that Sophie has ever written before….and I cannot WAIT for all of you to read. With that being said, I am thrilled to be hosting Sophie Jordan today! Check out her interview below!


89439Sophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class. This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.

A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature – teaching English seemed the natural recourse. After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long-held dream of writing.

In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves. Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller’s List.


Winter or Summer?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Cats or Dogs?
Celebrity Crush?
Chris Hemsworth
Current Favorite Movie?
Current? The Bourne Legacy
I’ve got tons of oldies: Love Actually, 28 Days Later, Shawshank Redemption
Current Favorite Song?
Say Something
Favorite Celebrity Couple?
Any and all that are still together.
Favorite TV Show?
So many!! Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Teen Wolf
Vampires or Werewolves?
Werewolves – nod to Teen Wolf here!
Harry or Ron?
Mac or PC?
I work on both – ha!
Hardcovers or Paperbacks?
Hardcopies or Ebooks?
Can you tell us about your latest book, UNINVITED, in 15 words or less?
Near-future, scarily realistic, empathetic protagonist, sexy boy, heavy themes.
Uninvited is pretty different from your Firelight series. It’s more focused in a sci fi/dystopia type of world. Was it more or less difficult to stray away from the paranormal genre?
It’s been a nice change, but I always love me some paranormal shifters in my books (and shows). 😉 I miss that a little, but had a great time doing something different. And UNINVITED is very different.
Uninvited is part of a 2 book series. You don’t see a lot of those around. Why not 3 books?
Three books is a huge investment … for the writer and for the reader. As a reader, I often make it to book two in a series, but not book three. This is actually a sentiment I’m hearing from a lot of readers these days. It was just really liberating to write a duology … and more natural to view my overall story as taking place in two parts. I don’t think Davy’s story could have been told in three books … but two books felt just right in my gut.
Do you have a name or release date for the second book in the series?
I do have a title, but I don’t have the green light to announce it yet. It should release a year after UNINVITED, so give or take a week. Either late Jan or early Feb.
When I was reading Uninvited, I found myself wondering about the people without HTS who committed crimes. Were they treated as severely as people with HTS? Did those occurrences even happen?
There are people who commit crimes w/o HTS, but as they’re out of the scope of the Wainwright Agency (the agency that polices HTS carriers), they’re not really “target-able”. Nothing can be done until after the fact. The HTS carriers are targeted because they can be identified and monitored.
My favorite part of Uninvited was Sean. Sighhhh. He was just the essence of perfection. Are we going to see a  lot more scenes between him and Davy in the next book?
Hmmm … Sean is there and you will see a lot of Davy. You don’t really want spoilers, do you? 😉
And what about Davy’s ex-boyfriend and old friends? Are they going to reappear in the second book?
Yes … and no. You will have some closure on those characters…I can tell you that much. The book is going to go in some surprising directions. Brace yourself.
Did any music inspire you while writing Uninvited?
I use a general playlist most of the time when I write. It’s always growing/changing.
If you could cast anyone to play some of the main characters in Uninvited, who would you choose?
I don’t usually have specific actors in mind when I write … although I have thought that Sean could be a young Chris Hemsworth…
What else are you working on? Do you have another YA series planned for after the Uninvited series?
I’m working on my third book in my new adult series right now … but I am also cooking up a new YA idea.
What is the best book you’ve read recently?
Hm. Probably A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers.
What is currently in your TBR pile?
 I’ve got an ARC of Christina Lee’s Before You Break up next.
13645645The Scarlet Letter meets Minority Report in bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s chilling new novel about a teenage girl who is ostracized when her genetic test proves she’s destined to become a murderer.

When Davy Hamilton’s tests come back positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS)-aka the kill gene-she loses everything. Her boyfriend ditches her, her parents are scared of her, and she can forget about her bright future at Juilliard. Davy doesn’t feel any different, but genes don’t lie. One day she will kill someone.

Only Sean, a fellow HTS carrier, can relate to her new life. Davy wants to trust him; maybe he’s not as dangerous as he seems. Or maybe Davy is just as deadly.

The first in a two-book series, Uninvited tackles intriguing questions about free will, identity, and human nature. Steeped in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s trademark mix of gripping action and breathless romance, this suspenseful tale is perfect for fans of James Patterson, Michelle Hodkin, and Lisa McMann.