Author Interview with Rachel Caine


Today, I am so very excited to host Rachel Caine on the blog today. When I was approached to review Midnight Bites and interview Rachel Caine, I jumped on that chance so fast I got whiplash. I’m a HUGE Morganville Vampires fangirl. If you haven’t read this series, yet, make sure you go do so!


midnight bitesHi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by YaReads!

Thank you for inviting me! it’s wonderful to be here.


Can you tell us about your newest book, Midnight Bites?

It’s an anthology—a collection of Morganville Vampires short fiction. Because I’ve been asked for it so often, I pulled together a huge collection of the stories I’ve done over the 10-year run of Morganville … (can you believe it? 10 years!!) … including free stories I put on the web originally, stories that were included in many different anthologies, stories that were written specifically as bonus material for foreign editions, etc. Even I had trouble tracking all of them down!


But it isn’t just previously published stories, because I wouldn’t want to do that … so there is almost half a novels worth of brand new short fiction as well, in the form of six new (quite long) short stories!


These stories span the entire run of the series, from stories set prior to the beginning of Glass Houses to post-Daylighters.


What was your favorite story to write in Midnight Bites?

That’s a very hard question … I was just delighted to be back in Morganville, which will always feel like home to me! I suppose I must choose any of the three Myrnin stories, though, because he is always such a delight. And Hannah Moses’s story was fun as well, because I don’t get to write from her perspective at all in the series.


Out of all of the MV books, do you have a personal favorite?

I think probably the duology of Last Breath/Black Dawn … because I’d been waiting to write that story since Glass Houses. I knew exactly why Amelie had chosen that spot for Morganville, and I’d been waiting for the reveal for a very long time! I’m very excited about how it turned out, too.


Are you going to continue writing MV stories after Midnight Bites? Or is this sort of going to be the finale?

I will continue writing Morganville. I love it, and it’s delightful that so many people continue to love it along with me. I can’t tell you exactly how that will happen yet, but I promise, I’ll be back.


So, I haven’t started the Morganville Web series, but I’ve heard really awesome things. Will it be coming back for another season?

We had an amazing time doing it, but at this point, it isn’t looking likely we’ll do a Season 2, unfortunately … it’s very expensive to do, and takes a huge amount of my personal time to fundraise and oversee and participate. Which, unfortunately, I simply don’t have now … writing has to be my priority at the moment. I’m not totally ruling it out, but we would need studio backing to continue on, and we don’t currently have that.


Are you working on anything else?

So many things! The Great Library series started last year with Ink and Bone, and I’m thrilled to say that the next book, Paper and Fire, is out in July. A third book will be coming next summer in that series.


Over on the Urban Fantasy front, I’ve got a new Weather Warden novel, Red Hot Rain, that will be out this fall—my first self-published novel.


And there will be at least two more major projects announced in the coming weeks, but I can’t tell you about them yet.


If you had to choose one theme song for Midnight Bites, what song would you choose?

Without question, it’s “Too Close” by Alex Clare … not only is it a cool groove, but it also really captures how I feel about Morganville. I adore it, and will always love it, but I have other things I have to do too. But it’s a temporary separation, for sure.


What is the best book you’ve read recently?

I will continue to squee about Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows apparently forever, because it’s the first thing that leaps to my mind every time. Just a stellar book in every way. (That’s not saying I don’t love a ton of others, too. But that one has Hamilton-level love from me.)


Thanks for stopping by YaReads!!!

You’re awesome! Thanks for having me!

rachel caineRachel Caine’s rich, diverse bibliography of more than 45 books in print covers many categories and genres. She started out writing horror and fantasy as Roxanne Longstreet (Stormriders, The Undead, Red Angel, Cold Kiss, Slow Burn) before switching to the name Roxanne Conrad and publishing romantic suspense and mystery (Copper Moon, Bridge of Shadows, Exile). By 2003, she began to publish under her current pseudonym, specializing in urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal young adult fiction.

She has been writing original fiction since the age of fourteen, and professionally published since 1991. She graduated from Socorro High School in El Paso Texas (where she was a UIL all-state champion in music and journalism) and went on to earn an accounting degree from Texas Tech University. She played professionally as a musician for several years once out of college, but ultimately gave up the music for writing.

She’s had a varied “day job” career, including web design, graphic arts, accounting, payroll management, insurance investigation, and (most recently) corporate communications and crisis management. (It all counts as research.)

Rachel loves reading, writing, and mild amounts of arithmetic when required … but she has a special place in her heart for history, music, and science, and you’ll find those themes in many of her works.