Author Interview with John Tucker


48983_100000329550581_1524_nA life-long Georgia native, John D. Tucker has burned through three wives, raised two sons, and has persevered despite being brought up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family. Following on the heels of his novels Divisive, The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight, Romancing the Fox, Terpsichore in Love, The Fifth Game, and The Mark of Cain, he plans to release two more books over the course of the next few months – the morally raw Splits in the Skin, and the third book in the Bemused and Bedeviled series The Seventh Sign. He is a proud member of IWW (The Internet Writers Workshop) and Scribeslice, both of which he highly recommends to aspiring authors.

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Chinese or Italian?    Hard choice —  Italian. Their sauces are tastier.
East Coast or West Coast?    Love the South — East Coast.
Day or Night? I’ve always been a night owl.
Cats or Dogs? Cats by a hair.
Coffee or Tea?    Tea. I’ve had maybe 3 cups of coffee in my life.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? In my early years I suffered through an ordinary life; working, eating, partying, sleeping.  As I grew older, I married three women, had two sons. While going through the predictable mid-life crisis, instead of purchasing a corvette and bagging a young trophy wife, I decided to become…a writer.   🙂    Since then I have been a solitary creature with four published novels under my belt, two more recently shipped to my publisher, and three more I’m working on. I am currently taking applications for a personal Muse.  😀
How many books have you written? Six total, as of this writing. A Psychological Thriller – Divisive and it’s sequel – The Fifth Game: Elizabeth’s Soul. A YA Mystery – The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight. An Adult Contemporary – Romancing the Fox. Two books in my Bemused and Bedeviled series — Terpsichore in Love and The Mark of Cain.
What has been the biggest struggle in your writing career? After a thirty layoff from serious writing, remembering how to write competently came first, followed by the usual challenges of creating characters, unusual scenes, and well-written plots.
When did you  begin writing? In 2008 I wrote a novel. It ended up being 300,000 words. A year later I joined IWW (Internet Writers Workshop). I am not ashamed to say the fabulous authors there taught me everything I know about writing a decent book.TIL_Final
Were you one of those kids who created their first little book in elementary school? Of course!!!  If I remember correctly, it dealt with a family of goats and an evil troll. It had a happy ending too — bleah.  🙂
What are you currently working on?I’m apparently determined to write a book in every major genre.  😛  I’m currently writing a work of Erotica, editing a male oriented totally raw thriller called Splits in the Skin, and outlining a second sequel to Terpsichore in Love.
As an Indie Author, what have you found to be the best way to promote your books?  Join every writing group you can on Facebook to promote your work, check with local bookshops to sign your novel, and create an Author Page to highlight your career or individual books.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? Keep writing. If you get Writer’s Block, start another book.  Even with the constant rejections, keep reaching out to publishers. Smaller ones are usually more willing to take a chance on you rather than the older, established ones. Get your foot in the door, put a few novels under your belt, and kick the damn door in when you get the chance.
What has been the best book you’ve read recently?Like Lays Potato Chips, I can’t narrow it down to one.   Carmilla Voiez’ Starblood, Lilliana Anderson’s A Beautiful Struggle, Michele Riccio’s I Do – Over, Twila Vernon’s Just Go, and Sarah Daltry’s upcoming Bitter Fruits.
What is currently in your TBR pile?  About fifty novels.   🙁     Right now I’m reading Anita Melillo’s Ford at Valverde.