Author Interview with Heidi Acosta



Heidi Acosta was born on Long Island, New York. Moving around a lot when she was younger, she has lived in New York, Arizona, New York (again), Washington, Georgia, and Florida, in that order. Each place offered her something special, but she will always consider New York her home.
Heidi started writing as soon as she could spell. When she was three, Heidi’s mother gave her a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods; thus beginning her lifelong love affair with literature.
Writing soon also became a form of therapy for Heidi, when she realized that no matter what was happening in her life, she could find emotional escape while writing. Some of her earliest stories featured her as a princess who explored new worlds with her horse Buttercup. If it sounds romantic, it wasn’t, there was no prince charming in those fairy lands (boys where yucky).
Heidi now resides in Florida with her husband, very active daughter, one hyper Chihuahua, two sweet cats, and one very fat moody cat.
Barbie Girl is the first Novel of Heidi’s new, four-book, Baby Doll Series: Barbie Girl, Barbie World, Doll Face, and Southern Sugar.


Can you tell us about your newest book, Barbie Girl?

Barbie Girl is not what you expect when you read the title. Barbie is far from your typical Barbie Girl. Life is not easy for her, she has a dramatic life.  Falling for Dylan is the last thing she wants or expects.

On your website, you said that you would want Taylor Momsem to play Barbie. Can we assume you’re a Gossip Girl fan?

I have never watched an episode! Can you believe that? I however love all the actors and when I get time I plan on watching all of the seasons.

What was your favorite scene to write in Barbie Girl?

I loved the last chapter and the ending.

Barbie’s home life was heartbreaking. Was it difficult at times to write about it?16127403

Yes at times it was so hard to write, but I knew I needed to tell her important story. Sometimes I would have to take a break and walk away from it.  I think that Barbie Girl touches on some important issues that are not always talked about. Such as drug abuse, neglect, and some deep seeded issues Barbie has from living such a harsh life.

What inspired you to write Barbie Girl?

She was a character from another story I was writing, she outshined the others with her personality. I wanted to know what made her the way she was. What was her home life like? And it just started to grow from there.

What can readers expect from the second book in the series, Barbie World?

I think the readers will fall for Dylan in a different way than last time. Dylan learned his lesson and he wants Barbie back. He has to prove himself this time.  There are some great Third moments.

Will we get to meet any new characters in the second book?

Yes you meet four new ones. A new boy that keeps Dylan on his toes 😉 and Roe, Barbie’s cousin she did not know she had.

How many books are you planning for the Baby Doll series?

There is going to be four as of now, the third is Katie’s story, and the fourth is Everett’s.

Is there anything else you’re working on?

I am finishing up Katie’s story as well as working on a new paranormal romance.

What is the best book you’ve read recently?

I am in the middle of reading Keeping Never by C.M Stunich. I love the rawness of C.M Writing.

What is currently on your To-Be-Read pile?

You mean my million high to be read pile? At the top is, Loves second Chance by L.P Dover, The Collector by Victoria Scott, and Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick.