Audiobook Review: Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne


16077142Your mother hollers that you’re going to miss the bus. She can see it coming down the street. You don’t stop and hug her and tell her you love her. You don’t thank her for being a good, kind, patient mother. Of course not—you hurdle down the stairs and make a run for the corner.

Only, if it’s the last time you’ll ever see your mother, you sort of start to wish you’d stopped and did those things. Maybe even missed the bus.

But the bus was barreling down our street, so I ran.

Fourteen kids. One superstore. A million things that go wrong. 

In Emmy Laybourne’s action-packed debut novel, six high school kids (some popular, some not), two eighth graders (one a tech genius), and six little kids trapped together in a chain superstore build a refuge for themselves inside. While outside, a series of escalating disasters, beginning with a monster hailstorm and ending with a chemical weapons spill, seems to be tearing the world—as they know it—apart


My Review:

I tried to read the paperback ARC of Monument 14 when it came out in 2012. I remember not finishing the book, but I chalked it up to being really busy at that time. So when I saw that my library had the audiobook, I snatched it up since I was in the mood for a paranormal cd rather than another contemporary. The audiobook started out really strongly. I was instantly drawn into the store and completely captured. I honestly couldn’t figure out why I didn’t finish the book……….and that’s when it all started to come back to me.

This review is really upsetting to me because I know that this could have been a spectacular book. Here’s what went wrong: Fourteen kids in one superstore….never leaving. I made it halfway through this audiobook and it was so flipping repetitive. Wake up. Make breakfast. Clean the store. Argue. Make dinner. Routines. Clean. Argue. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. I mean seriously? Those types of novels just don’t work. You got to shake it up a little bit! Now, maybe that did happen later on in the CD….but I stopped halfway through because it was driving me insane.

The narrator of the audiobook, Todd Haberkorn, had a really interesting voice and he was able to give individuality to every character  and do some really cool things with his voice that made the book more realistic. Over time, though, he started to sound very cheesy, almost as if he was making fun of the book. I ended up not being able to stand him. I also didn’t like the main character of the story which made it that much more difficult since that’s who he was mainly narrating.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book or audiobook to anyone. It kind of felt like a waste of time to me, which is probably why I DNF’d it halfway through.


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Published October 9th, 2012

Published by BrillianceAudio