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October 27, 2009 posted by Nikki

Another Party for the Party Season

There has been a little bit of chit chat over on the yaReads forum about another reading party (of sorts) here at yaReads in late December.Did you participate in the last one? Did you want to, but missed out? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Would you be interested in participating in another marathon party filled with reading challenges, fun trivia and games that test your knowledge of YA lit and popular culture? Then leave your name at the bottom of this thread along with any suggestions that you think might improve the party this time around. Was anything not included in the last one that you wished was?

If we get a good enough response, we’ll give you guys the chance to vote on the best dates and times possible to ensure the majority of you can participate.

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  • I’d be interested, definitely.

    As for suggestions… I’d like for there to be more quizzes, and more variety in the quizzes themselves. Like, we had the same four or five books featured over and over in a quiz of more than a dozen questions. It left general quizes as feeling not really a general quiz but “this specific clique” quiz, especially when a good number of those books already featured heavily in genre-specific quizzes held before.

    YA has hundreds of authors and dozens of subgroups/subgenres, so I’d like to see the next reading party celebrate that diversity a bit more, rather that same group of half a dozen authors.

    Maybe have a classic lit quiz, a science fiction quiz, a specific location (for example, books not set in the continental US or whatever) and the like, just for a little variety.

  • Thanks Catherine, we;ll definitely take this on board.

  • I’ve never heard of this buti t sounds great and I’d love to participate.

  • Im in!!! the last one was so great :)
    I’d like more trivias too

  • This is my first one … I would love to see what it will be about …

  • I’m in! I had a blast last time!

  • I would totally be there for another Reading Party! It was so much fun! I loved how it was, and maybe keep some of those same things but possibly also mix it up a bit with the trivia.

  • what about the luxe series, graceling, fire, hush hush, the new big book, for trivia partys

  • I should be able to manage… Still not understanding the whole set up of it though…

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