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February 4, 2009 posted by Nikki

Another New Cover…

Fans of the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz will be interested in this one. Its the cover of her next book in the series, Black is for Beginnings. It’s the fifth book in the series and is due to his shelves in the American fall, 09.

Word from Laurie’s camp is that this one is actually a graphic novel. So what do we think?

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  • Honestly, I find it very pointless that the fifth book in the Blue is for Nightmare series will be turned into a graphic novel. I prefer the original text novels due the fact that the descriptions will be far more pleasing to the imagination than having a picture drawn out for us. Novels tend to be better page turners so that you can get the full effect. I truly think the series would be better off if it continued as a novel series.

  • a GRAPHIC NOVEL?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Carolina. I think it should be a novel. You know what? I’m going to email Laurie Faria Stolarz. I like the blue is for nightmares seriese, but why a COMIC BOOK?

  • Well, I hope you’ll give it a chance. I wanted to do something different, four books later.

  • *gasp* OMG sorry if I offended you Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry!!!!!!!!!!

  • I look forward for this to come out.I really like to see what the people look like to her.I hope it comes out quickly in the fall.I reread her other books.I also love the cover.

  • My girlfriends introduced me to Blue last week. I read all the series already! I really look forward to reading Black. Seens interesting. Graphic novels can be very good. I read AMORY WARS by Claudio Sanchez, lead singer of Coheed and Cambria. Its very good. Hope yours will be a great read also!

  • I much rather it as a novle I went to chapters and I was so excited to get her book (black) and then the woman said it was a graphic novle. I nearly cryed in the middle of the store.  :(  Don’t get me wrong graphic novels are great, but the nightmare books are much more interesting as novels. I have a question for laurie. why a graphic novle on the 5 th book? Like I’m just wondering it’s kinda been bugging me.
    It’s like if they were to fire bella of twighlight and if you were to replace her by magan fox it’s just not right. 

  • Hi Vanessa,

    Black is a companion book to the series and shouldn’t be compared to the other books in that way. It doesn’t take the place of a regular novel, but provides backstory on Stacey, Jacob’s perspective and more about him in Colorado, and then gives readers who enjoyed the series a look at what happens after Red. It was soooo much fun to write – to be able to try something new, to work with an illustrator for the first time ever, and to see my characters come to life in this way. The closest thing I could get to a movie since there isn’t one…yet. Here’s what critics are saying about Black:

    “The half-million readers of Laurie Faria Stolarz’s paranormal mystery series will be happy with this shift to graphic style,
    offering as it does the pleasure of putting faces on characters, its visualized eeriness and vibrant displays of emotion…The graphic style allows Stolarz to distill the story while simultaneously dropping hints about Stacey and Jacob’s supernatural talents, luring new readers to the series.” – Kirkus Reviews

    “Taking Stolarz’s Blue Is for Nightmares series into the graphic-novel realm is a bold idea, and it pays off
    in this morbidly entertaining and surprisingly romantic page-turner.” – Booklist

    “Black is for Beginnings is an intriguing and creative work about lovers, magic, dreams, and new beginnings.” – Forward Magazine

    “This scary and romantic story, with its larger-than-life emotions and darkly twisting plot, lends itself well to the graphic novel format. The teenage characters, their dialogue, and their interactions are well imagined and ably captured. And when you are not enjoying the great dialogue or fantastic artwork, it is fun to pore over the little details…BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS serves both to draw new teen readers to the series and to supply existing fans with interesting additional background and never-before-seen details. A winning formula!” – TeenReads

  • Hmmm… I see what you are saying like I said graphic novels are really great. I love them. I didn’t mean to offend you Laurie. I did read the graphic novel and it was really good but the problem is that I read it in like 3 hours, and I was expecting black to be a novel. I’m a big fan of your writing not that I’m saying that the graphic novel didn’t have great writing it just in your novels are so exhilarating its like I can get lost in your book and escape into your world and in the graphic novel I was seeing it so it wasn’t the same it was fascinating to see your characters come to life don‘t get me wrong, but like I said I didn‘t find it the same.

  • I read this book in like half an hour. I for one thought it should not have been a graphic novel. I think that she should have kept it in the novel format it would have made for a better story. I was not impressed.

  • I read this book in like half an hour. I for one thought it should not have been a graphic novel. I think that she should have kept it in the novel format it would have made for a better story. I was not impressed. But I will be looking forward to what happens next and hoping it will be an actual novel.

  • I loved the graphic novel.I got to see what the people look like.I hopeing for more in the serise.So Laurie are you comming out with more under this serise?

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