Announcing the 2015 Debut Authors Bash Schedule


2015 debut authors bash

Hi everyone!!!

The 2015 Debut Authors Bash kicks off tomorrow (or in some cases, today.) I wanted to make sure that you all had access to the official tour schedule. Take a look below! (Everything is linked through the 10th. Links will be updated on a daily basis.)

December 1st

PBC – N.K. Traver

The Phantom Paragrapher – Elaine Dimopoulos

Book Briefs – Rhiannon Thomas

Media Geeks Unite – Jasmine Warga

(Not) Write In The Head – Natasha Sinel 

Books As You Know It – Moriah McStay

The Perks of Being a Book Girl – Ingrid Sundberg

A Perfection Called Books – Stacey Lee

December 2nd

The Perks of Being a Book Girl – Carol Riggs

BYOBook Reviews – Lynn Lindquist

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club – Gina Ciocca

Platypire Reviews – Rachel A. Marks

Write Writing Written – Valynne E. Maetani

PBC – Ann Jacobus 

21st Century Once Upon A Times – Sona Charaipotra

Media Geeks Unite- Lauren Gibaldi Mathur

December 3rd

Adventures in YA Publishing- Kim Savage

Book Flame – Becky Wallace

The Eater of Books! – Romina Russell

Little Bookworm Reviews – Stephanie Oakes

Teen Librarian Toolbox – Fonda Lee

ReadWriteLove28 – Eve Ainsworth

SleepsOnTables – Mikaela Everett

December 4th

Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists – Jackie Lea Sommers

The Turning Pages – Maggie Lehrman

RoloPoloBookBlog – Kate McGovern

YaReads- Natalie Tilghman

The Book Lovers’ Lounge – Lee Kelly

December 5th

Lisa Loves Literature – Holly Bodger

Write Writing Written – Mary McCoy

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read – Laura Liddell Nolen

Derpy Reviews – Karen Bao

The Phantom Paragrapher – Jen Brooks

The Hardcover Lover – Kate Scelsa

December 6th

Between Printed Pages – Lauren James

The Lovely Books – Jenn Marie Thorne

Emily Reads Everything – Mandy Mikulencak

Bibliobibuli YA – Carol Masciola

December 7th

Book Briefs – Brianna Shrum

Diane’s Book Blog – Sarah Ahiers

 Clear Eyes, Full Shelves – Cordelia Jensen

The Reading Nook Reviews – Jennifer Latham

Platypire Reviews – E. Katherine Kottaras

Swoony Boys Podcast – Sarah J. Schmitt 

December 8th

Reading is My Treasure – Ami Allen-Vath

Bibliophilia, Please – Tessa Elwood

Curling Up With A Good Book – Alexandra Sirowy

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read – Angelica Jackson

Book Flame – Lisa Aldin

Lisa Loves Literature – Lance Rubin

December 9th

bibliophilekid – Catherine Doyle

Go Read a Book- Michelle Levy

Book Lovers Life – Rachel Shane

Stuff and Nonsense – Jen Klein

December 10th

Don’t Fold the Page – Anna-Marie McLemore

Two Chicks on Books – Jenny Martin

The Book Beacon – Randy Ribay

Books As You Know It – Mackenzi Lee

(Not) Write In The Head – Darci Manley

December 11th

21st Century Once Upon A Times – Stefanie Lyons

YaReads – Lori Goldstein

5 Girls Book Reviews – Melissa Hurst

Cassandra M’s Place – Meredith Moore

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Dawn Green

Bibliophilia, Please – Melody Maysonet

Birds that love words – Madeline Dyer

Book Lovers Life – Susan Adrian

December 12th

YaReads- Sharon Roat

Adventures in Reading – Amanda Panitch

Pandora’s Books – Heather Petty

December 13th

the bookdragon – Emily Adrian

Rachel’s Book Reviews – Marie Marquardt

SleepsOnTables – Francesca Zappia

Book Lovers Life- Trina St. Jean

December 14th

Derpy Reviews – Austin Aslan

Here’s to Happy Endings – Maggie Hall

Go Read A Book – Marci Curtis

Crossroad Reviews – Shalanda Stanley

BYOBook Reviews – Melinda Salisbury

Diane’s Book Blog – Stacie Ramey

Swoony Boys Podcast -Jennifer Niven

What Sarah Read – Cindy Rodriguez

December 15th

Birds that love words – charlotte huang

Her Book Thoughts – Michelle Falkoff

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Shannon Grogan

The Book Beacon – Lisa Freeman

Go Read A Book – Emily Ross

Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists – Kathryn Holmes

Rachel’s Book Reviews – Stephanie Tromly

(Not) Write In The Head – Katie M. Stout