Annoucing the 2014 Debut Authors Bash Schedule!!


2014 debut authors bash banner

Hi everyone!


It was my intention to release this schedule way before the day before the tour starts but this Bash ended up being a lot more difficult than our previous Bash and everything is now official. If you don’t know about the Debut Authors Bash…it’s very simple. Each day in September several bloggers will host a 2014 debut author on their blog and will feature special posts (some will host reviews, guest posts, interviews, video chats, live interviews) and some will feature giveaways. It’s a very fun and exciting event and we hope that you get a chance to check out each stop this month!


The Tour Schedule:

September 1st

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club – Melissa Landers

YaReads – Courtney C. Stevens

Swept Away By Books – Mary Crockett

Between Printed Pages – Alison Kemper

September 2nd

Two Chicks on Books – Bethany Hagen

Pandora’s Books – Kiki Sullivan

Gorgeous Books – Hillary Monahan

Books i View- Rachel M. Wilson

September 3rd

Fictional Thoughts – Kristin Rae

Beauty and the Bookshelf – Rin Chupeco

The Quirky Reader – Adam Gallardo

September 4th

Books As You Know It – Elizabeth Czukas

Book Briefs – Meredith McCardle

Bibliophilekid – Megan Whitmer

September 5th

My Heart Hearts Books – Philip Siegel

Books and Swoons – Katie Delahanty

Playing Jokers – Jocelyn Adams

Blissful Book Reviews – Lillie J Roberts

September 6th

The Book Tower – Lisa Colozza Cocca

Beauty and the Bookshelf – Kate Asha Boorman

Falling Down The Book Hole – Michelle Krys

September 7th

Reading is My Treasure – Bethany Neal

Ginger Reader 22 – Adi Rule

Pandora’s Books- Jennifer Longo

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read : Christine Kohler

September 8th

Little Bookworm Reviews – Chanel Cleeton

Her Book Thoughts! – Mary Elizabeth Summer

Bookwyrming Thoughts – Christina Farley

Gorgeous Books – Helene Dunbar

September 9th

Bookish – Colleen Oakes

My Book Addiction – Emily Lloyd-Jones

Sweet and Sassy Reviewz – Veronica Bartles

Pond Across the Pond – Jessica Love

September 10th

Adventures in YA Publishing – Joy N Hensley

Never Ending Stories – Erica Cameron

Whimsically Yours – Rachel Searles

September 11th

The Phantom Paragrapher – Skylar Dorset

My Library in the Making – Sashi Kaufman

September 12th

Bookwyrming Thoughts – Kathryn Rose

Adventures in Storyland – Stephanie Diaz

Platypire Reviews – Louise Galveston

Next Page Reviews – Michelle Shusterman

September 13th

Taffy’s Writings – Jessie Humphries

Nocturnal Predators Reviews – AdriAnne Strickland

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read – Kory M. Shrum

Fiction Dreams – Bethan Cooper

September 14th

Pond Across the Pond – Rebecca Behrens

Adventures in Reading – Bethany Crandell

The Phantom Paragrapher – Lisa Doan

September 15th

Fiction Dreams – Sarah Harris

Playing Jokers – Laura Wettersten

September 16th

Ok, Let’s Read – Stefanie Gaither

Platypire Reviews – Lisa Ledochowski Survillas

September 17th

Swoony Boys Podcast – Heather Demetrios

Bumbles and Fairy Tales- AJ Pine

Pretty Sassy Cool – Lauren Magaziner

Book Lovers Life-Trinity Ambrose

September 18th

For The Love – Kristi Helvig

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Annie Cosby

Sleeps on Tables – Kelly Loy Gilbert

YaReads- Emery Skye

September 19th

Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists – Jaye Robin Brown

Between Printed Pages – Kate Scott

Pop! Goes the Reader – Kathleen Hale

September 20th

Becoming Books – Lynne Matson

Bibliophilia, Please – M.G. Buehrlen

MindJacked- Heidi Schulz

September 21st

Keep it Fictional- Lisa O’Kane

Bibliophilia, Please- PA Warren

Bookcrastinators in Wonderland – Rebecca Yarros

Fiction Dreams – Kimberly Wheaton

September 22nd

Nocturnal Predators Reviews – Stacey O’Neale

Lisa Loves Literature – Jessica Gollub

Teen Scene Reading – A Lynden Rolland


Blissful Book Reviews – Katie Sparks

September 23rd

Skye’s Scribblings – R.C. Lewis

My Book Addiction – Joshua David Bellin

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read – Dawn Brazil

September 24th

Bookcrastinators in Wonderland – Tracy Clark

Platypire Reviews – Kym Brunner

BookLoversLife – Elissa Sussman

September 25th

Allodoxophobia: The Fear of Opinions – Lisa Maxwell

Turning Pages – Kelsey Macke

Sweet and Sassy Reviewz – Annie Cardi

YaReads – Carol Staff

September 26th

Curling Up With A Good Book – Martina Boone

Diane’s Book Blog – Julia Gibson

Bibliophilia, Please – Whitney Miller

Book Lovers Life – Ryan Gebhart

September 27th

Turning Pages – Robin Constantine

The Cozy Reading Corner – Kristen Lippert-Martin

Out of Time – Robin Talley

The Quirky Reader – K.A Barker

September 28th

Diane’s Book Blog – Stacey Nash

The Book Beacon – Sarah Bromley

YA Series Insiders – Nicole Maggi

September 29th

YA Series Insiders – S.L. Duncan

The Eater of Books! – Ryan Graudin

My Not So Real Life – Seth Fishman

Book Lovers Life – Jane Lively

September 30th

Fiction Freak – Sara Raasch

Read My Breath Away – Anne Blankman

Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists – Linda Vigen Phillps

YaReads – Kate Hattemer