Alyxandra Harvey — Blood Prophecy (The Drake Chronicles #6)


In the thrilling conclusion of the Drake Chronicles, love and loyalties will be tested … and proven once and for all.

Can Solange find her way back home again? And can she do it in time to save everyone she loves from the vampire civil war, hunter attack, and each other?

Because not everyone can survive the prophecy… maybe not even her.

The Drakes (and Lucy, Kieran, Hunter, & Co.) are back in the final installment of The Drake Chronicles. Viola has now fully possessed Solange and is attempting reign as Queen, with Constantine by her side. The real Solange is trapped in Viola’s consciousness, unable to stop Viola from wreaking havoc and causing absolute destruction in the real world. Lucy appears to be the only person aware of Solange’s possession and is desperately trying to save her, while also dealing with a distant Nicholas, who hasn’t quite recovered from being tortured. Meanwhile, a completely separate threat is brewing, one that will pit everyone against each other: vampires, Helios-Ra, Huntsmen, the Hounds, Hel-Blar, and humans. In this explosive end to the series, no one is safe.

Blood Prophecy is long and, as such, it has a lot going on. I love the Drakes and Alyxandra Harvey, but Blood Prophecy is kind of a hot mess. But even so, it still manages to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. This book focuses heavily on Solange and Lucy. We get a bit of Kieran, Nicholas, and Hunter, but nothing noteworthy, unfortunately. While I miss the guys, I guess I can’t really complain. Solange is smack-dab in the middle of everything, so we need her point of view, and Lucy is just kick-ass and, despite being human, probably the fiercest character in the entire series.

Blood Prophecy is much more plot-heavy than it’s predecessors. This makes sense, as we’ve already gotten to know all the characters, and the plots are original and engaging. Except, perhaps, the ending twist. It feel a little rushed and forced, and the story probably could have done without it, though then we’d left without the epic battle/blood-bath that I suspect Harvey’s been building up to for quite some time. I know I’ve been waiting for this battle since the very beginning; we finally get to see the Drakes’ medieval training put to use. And we get to see Lucy and the rest of the Helios-Ra gang kick some major ass, proving that humans are just as strong as vamps.

The final book in the Drake series has significantly less romance. Not that there isn’t any — there is — and not that I need a ton of romance in a book in order to be happy. I think the problem here is that romance plays such a big part in the first five books that I’ve come to expect it and now that there’s less of it…I’m left wanting. Especially when it comes to Hunter and Quinn. I’m really, really disappointed in how little we see of my favorite couple in Blood Prophecies, especially given that this is the conclusion. But I know this series revolves around Solange and Lucy, so I suppose I don’t really have a right to throw a hissy-fit.

The action in Blood Prophecies is completely nonstop. The chapters are a little too short and jump around a little too much for me this time around, which creates a somewhat jarring effect. But there’s certainly never a dull moment. Unfortunately, Blood Prophecies is probably my least favorite book in the series, if only because I miss getting to know new characters and watching an amazing relationship develop. It’s still a great ending, though, and the last chapter makes me want to hug the book to my chest and never let go. It’s just amazing and a perfect way to wrap things up. Plus, while I think this book focuses a lot less on character development, I’m happy to see that at least Solange significantly grows up and comes into her own. She’s no longer the meek, shy girl we were introduced to in Hearts at Stake. She’s finally the girl Lucy always warned us existed underneath Solange’s quiet exterior. And that’s the sort of growth in a main character that I, as a reader, live for. Also, this book has — hands down — the best cover art of the entire series. If you haven’t already picked up this series, you are wasting your life. This is the best, funniest, and most satisfying vampire series currently in YA.

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Pages: 496
Publication Date: January 2013
Publisher: Walker & Company
Source: Provided by Publisher
Rating [rating: 4]

Teaser Quote:
“We could blow up the car,” I suggested. Kieran didn’t even look surprised, though it was his car.

“What is it with you and blowing up shit?” Quinn asked as Magda leaped off the hood, stabbing down with two daggers and catching two Hel-Blar at the same time. She was like a feral cat in a rainstorm, all claws and teeth.

“Hey, I didn’t blow up that ghost town. That was all Hunter.”

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