A Word from Jim Morgan


Hey yaReaders,

We’ve added a new feature to our Book of the Month and Indie Author of the Month slots. Going forward, you’re going to be treated to a personal blog post from the main character of each slot. So stop by and see what your characters are up to! We’re excited to debut this feature with a little note from the fabulous Jim Morgan from this month’s Indie Book of the Month, Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves by James Matlack Raney.


Journal Entry


8th of October


I can hardly wait for tomorrow!  Finally my father will be home from sea!  I just know he’s going to be so pleased with how grown up I’ve become.  In fact, I see no reason that he wouldn’t think me ready to become Lord Morgan immediately.  Or maybe another title in the meantime, like a Duke?  Or perhaps he could just have me knighted?  After all, I know everything I need to become a Lord (no matter what Phineus says!)  Which is another point I shall have to bring up to my father.  How is it that such a tired old stinker like Phineus became the Morgan family tutor?  He’s such an impossible bore! Aunt Margarita is giving me my real education anyway.  Just last night we were eating chocolates and talking about how out of date most of the members of court are these days.  They aren’t even wearing the newest shoes from Austria!  Honestly, it’s sad.  Well, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.  I plan to be sitting on my horse, Destroyer, when father arrives.  If that doesn’t impress him I don’t know what will.


Journal Entry


9th of October


I’m so furious I can barely write these words!  My father has been back one day, just one, and he’s banished me to my room.  Me!  The future Lord Morgan sent to his room like a common boy.  And without any supper! This is barbaric!  Alright, so there was a small incident with the horse, the gardener, and the party decorations, but how could that possibly be my fault?  I’m sure somehow Phineus set me up for this.   He’s always been saying that things were going to change when my father got home and I just know that he planned for all this to happen.  He and all of the servants were in on it together!  And the way they made me look like some sort of villain in front of my father.  Me? I only sacked the servants who deserved it!  But then came the worst part.  I overheard my father talking to Aunt Margarita, and apparently on his latest voyage my father found a treasure – a treasure he planned to keep a secret from even me! His own son! A treasure Aunt Margarita said would rival that of the King of England. Well, this simply won’t do.  I’m going down to my father’s study right now and I’m going to find out about this secret treasure.  Besides, when I become Lord Morgan any treasure that’s my father’s will become mine anyway!