A Little Heads Up for the Next So Many Months


Hi everyone! Welcome back!


You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little absent both on the blog and on social media. There have been more days without any posts than usual, and I’ve been leaning more toward promo posts than reviews and the like. I’ve been in a book funk for about the last month or so. I’ve been feeling it coming for about the last six months, and it’s finally hit me. Thankfully they don’t hit me all that often, but they do tend to last awhile. I think that I’ve read maybe 1 1/2 books in the last month….which is……weird for me. I’m slowly starting to read more, but I’ve been more obsessed with my Netflix account than actually reading.

Unfortunately, I’m probably going to be even more MIA than usual starting next week. I just landed a full time job and it’s going to consume my life for awhile. All of you who have experienced going from a relaxed schedule to throwing yourself back into a full time schedule know exactly what I’m talking about. This does not mean that I am leaving YaReads. I am 100% still dedicated to the blog. However, you’ll probably only get so many posts from me a month. I’ll try to schedule more fun type of posts and promo posts when I have time but the reviews themselves will be pretty sparse.

I also want to update all of you on our newest reviewer, Emma. She is going to be away from the blog this Summer and will not be returning until early September. So this Summer is kind of going to be like our time off while we get in the swing of things. Again, I will still be posting and working on setting up guest posts from other bloggers and authors, but it’s going to have more of a relaxed feel to it over here.


Due to these changes YaReads is no longer accepting any review or blog tour requests. I won’t even have the time to respond to those emails, so please don’t take offense when you don’t hear back from us. I hope that you all stick with us during this transition and I hope to get over my reading funk very soon and get back in the swing of things!