2016 Debut Authors Bash: Martine Lewis


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Martine Lewis is a forty something who was born and raised in the French speaking province of Quebec, Canada. She spent her childhood looking forward to her summer vacations at the farm, which were a nice escape from the suburbs where she lived.

Her first written endeavor was a 200-page handwritten Duran Duran bandfiction which she wrote when she was eleven years old. Of all her written work, this is the only one she no longer has.

All throughout high school, Martine wrote more bandfictions and some original work, then she went to write fanfictions in the Star Wars, Buffy and Harry Potter universes. Her fanficiton in the Potterverse are mostly centered on characters of her own creation and can be found on fanfiction.net.

Following her viewing of Roswell on Netflix in 2012, Martine wrote book two and three of the Gray Eyes Series, then went on to create the Gray Eyes Series universe in which she has been playing ever since. She writes contemporary coming-of-age romance fiction (young adult/new adult) with a twist.

Martine is an avid reader and rollerskater. She loves sushi, hot chocolate on a cold day, and the beach. But what she loves above all else is to curl on her chair with her computer and write more stories for her readers.

Martine currently lives in Houston TX with her two cats.

Website: http://www.martinelewisauthor.com/

Twitter: @AuthorMartine


What inspired you to write Crossing the Barrier?

Crossing the Barrier was inspired by the high school football games I attend in the fall of 2014. I am a huge high school football fan.

 How long did it take you to write Crossing the Barrier?

The entire novel was written during Nanowrimo 2014, so 30 days. The editing took over a year however!!

What was your favorite scene to write?

Wow! That’s a hard one. The one I replayed in my head countless time before writing was the breakup scene. I saw that one so vividly. The second one is not in the book but I’m hoping it will be posted on my website in the coming year.

What is one of your favorite quotes from Crossing the Barrier?

“The drop-dead-gorgeous-you’ve-had-a-crush-on-since-freshman-year Malakai Thomas?”

That was said by Sandra and I just love it.

How did you feel when you first saw the cover?

I was totally wowed. I just couldn’t stop looking at it. Damen and Lexi look so awesome as Malakai and Lily. The feeling was totally amazing.

What theme song would you give Crossing the Barrier?

Rather Be by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne

What is Malakai’s favorite thing about Lily?

Her tenacity, even if it scares him sometimes.

What is Lily’s favorite thing about Malakai?

His simplicity.

Why did the concept of a person feeling others emotions interest you?

It was a way for me to explore how it would feel like to know what other people feel, to know but never be quite sure what you perceive is what is actually happening. Emotions are so confusing. They are so many shades of them. In addition, emotions at that age are also all over the map. And half the time, the teens don’t know what to do with them.

Where is your favourite place to write?

I have two: my balcony (when it is not brutally hot) and my lasy chair.

In one sentence, how would describe your book?

Roswell meets Varsity Blues

What else are you working on?

I’m currently putting the final touch to Breaking the Mold, book two of the Gray Eyes Series. I am also working on book three so I can sent it to my editor on August 1. In July, I will write book six during Camp Nano and in August, I plan on finishing book four. I have a very detailed schedule and I am pretty good so far at following it.

What has been your favorite part of being a 2016 Debut Author?

To have the opportunity to be features by bloggers I would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It’s very very hard, as a beginner, to get attention from the bloggers. And I understand that. A lot of indie published author’ work is not up to part and a lot of bloggers are weary of new authors. This is a great opportunity for me to get known to a lot of people I would not have been able to reach otherwise.

What 2016 debut are you most looking forward to (or is your favorite, if it’s already been released!)?

I’m yet to find one.

Since I’m writing so much, I read very little, which is a shame really, but my reading time is now going toward writing…

I’m looking forward to a next year release however. My friend and fellow author Rebecca Pollard should release her first book “Greed’s Charity – The Seven Deadly Sins Book One” and that one, I can’t wait to read.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your readers?

Thank you for reading books! We wouldn’t exist without you. I know, sounds tacky, but it’s so so true!


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