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Angel Academy

Volume 1

Emery Skye


Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Publisher: LemonPress Publishiing


Date of Publication: August 20, 2014


ISBN: 1936617250



Number of pages: 388

Word Count: 96K


Cover Artist: Tamara Sands


Book Description:


“Her world, her mission…is about to change. What do you choose when your blood is on the line?”


A world where your life is a mission and to succeed you must have resolute devotion to duty.


Seventeen-year-old Anna Hasdiel is a noviate at Hope Academy, a secret school for young angels where she and her sister, Amalie, train to become Warrior Legites with the duty of protecting humans from Demons for the Legion United.


Anna’s devoted to the angelic cause.


She’s always known she would be a Warrior for the Legion. Her world is about to change.


Noviates have been disappearing from Angel Academies around the world. No one knows why. They just hope they won’t be next.

The Powers send in Legite Nathaniel Deror for protection. Legite Deror is strong, fierce and mysterious. He seems to have it in for Anna one second and the next he’s rescuing her. He makes her feel things she shouldn’t.


They must travel to the home of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, where they will fight past a host of deadly enemies. Where do loyalties lay?


She never planned for this. She never planned for him.


About the Author:

emery skye


Gemini Emery is a horse trainer living in Colorado with two yappy dogs and a few quirky horses.


She gradated from Regis University with a BS in Business Administration and a minor in philosophy.


A life-long reader, Emery has always had a special affection for the urban fantasy and paranormal romance realms.


When not riding horses or writing, she likes archery, hiking and shooting. She reads until her vision blurs, spends time with family and drinks an excessive amount of chai and coffee.


Devoted is her first novel.












The Guest Posts:


Top ten things you didn’t know about the author

  1. In elementary school, Emery had to be tutored in reading and was made fun of when she couldn’t read aloud like the other kids.
  2. She’s allergic to practically everything, including horses and hopps. She had to take Benadryl everyday just to be around them.
  3. She showed horses competitively and specialized in the Hunter/Jumper divisions as a youth.
  4. She wrote outlines in college for other students to help pay her tuition.
  5. She has a terrible sleep disorder commonly known as insomnia.
  6. She was engaged, but called it off before her twenty-first birthday.
  7. Awful at math!
  8. She’s a pescatarian meaning she only eats fish, but no other animal products and even eating fish makes her sad sometimes.
  9. Graduated high school early.
  10. Hates cake, but LOVES brownies.
  11. She organizes her blouses by sleeve length (OCD, I know).
  12. She consistently has a pile of books on her nightstand ready for reading, yet continues to buy new ones to add to the pile.
  13. Loves the Rocky movies!!




What celebrity would you chose to play the main character(s) in the movie rendition of your book?

  • Oh boy. I’d love Teresa Palmer to play Anna. I think she has the intensity and bad-assery necessary for the part.



Top ten quotes from the book

  1. Amalie—“An artist in Chanel surrounded by robots in Gortex.”
  2. “I appreciated books. They were my escape. A desperately needed escape from the excellence demanded by the Academy and that I demanded from myself.
  3. We were constantly at the mercy of The Powers.
  4. “Only discipline, determination, and commitment will keep you alive.”
  5. “Our studies taught us that God is love. His love is great, eternal, infinite…”
  6. “It’s the raw beauty of defending humans while standing back to back with a fellow Warrior surrounded by peerless odds, that makes me feel at home.”
  7. “Some of the noviates resented humans, but I couldn’t understand that. The smile on a kid’s face, the sound of laughter from a happy family around a dinner table; it gave me a sense of duty. I had a responsibility to keep those smiles and that laughter alive. Being a Warrior is about experiencing a sense of pride that I can stand tall and strong in the face of adversity, in the face of demons. It gives me an electrifying burst of adrenalin leaving the tips of my fingers tingling. I can’t get that from the sidelines. It’s about enduring hardships that few even think about or could ever stomach. God created us to serve His will. His will is to protect mankind.
  8. “When I’m fighting, it’s like a quiet inner light blossoming in my chest. It feels like a breath of fresh air on the cusp of a mountain peak. There’s nothing more powerful to me than dying for a cause greater than myself.”
  9. Warriors didn’t gossip, but this was too juicy not to chat about. I imagined the Legion’s top commanding officers discussing recruits for the Legion, my name being mentioned, and them recoiling, crossing themselves. Noviate Anna Hasdiel – the freak show. They’d probably exile me to some prison somewhere. I’d never be a Legite now.
  10. I observed the other noviates and envied their blasé attitudes. The disappearing noviates should have worried everyone, not just their relatives and friends. We were all connected. Didn’t they realize that? Didn’t they realize they could be next?
  11. The other noviates were smart. They did as we were told; as we were taught. We were told not to concern ourselves with the disappearance of the other noviates. So they didn’t. The lines didn’t blur with them.
  12. “You’re a noviate, start acting like it or you’ll be lucky to end up dead.” –Nathaniel Deror
  13. “You have no concept of eternity until you suffer through part of it.” –Nathaniel Deror
  14. “Demons aren’t the only ones that are dangerous.”
  15. “When I choose to be a Warrior, that’ll be for me and no one else.”
  16. “I’d do anything for her. I’d give my life to save hers… It’s just, sometimes; I wish I could trust her to take care of herself… I’m afraid for her.”
  17. Most Warriors would say that duty always comes first. I always thought I agreed. Now, I wasn’t so sure. The lines were blurred and I couldn’t seem to bring it back to black and white.
  18. “I’m here because I decided to. At any point I could’ve turned back. You are not responsible for the actions of others. Like humans shape their own lives, we shape ours. I chose this. Not you. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
  19. Comradary had gotten us this far. Thus, our collective attitude was not to die for each other to fight for one another. That attitude resulted in the most savage, ferocious fighting in which there were no rules commanding our next strike.
  20. “That’s because Miss. Anna went all Buffy on his demon ass.” –Taylor


Top five things you didn’t know about the book

  1. Wrote the book while listening to rock and techno, primarily.
  2. The first draft of Devoted, aside from the last chapter, was finished fourteen days after starting it. The last chapter took a year to get right.
  3. Amalie was created by weaving together qualities of Emery’s little sister, Madison.
  4. She read The Things they Carried and other novels from WW1 and WWII to help create her version of what hell would like.
  5. The research involved in writing the book and perfecting the choirs of angels and whatnot took hours upon hours.


Favorite Writing Spot

  • Sitting out of the porch in a lawnchair with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise.


A day in the life of the author

  • I usually struggle with sleep, so I’m up ridiculously early and lately I’ve been cuddling with my puppy (his name is currently puppy, lol). I write or read first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee nearby and headphones in my ears (if, I’m writing). When I’m reading, I don’t listen to anything, but the story that’s unfolding in my head.



Emery Skye’s Top Five favorite books


  1. Granny Dan by Danielle Steel
  2. The Plague by Albert Camus
  3. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  4. The Born Trilogy by Tara Brown
  5. The Mageri Series by Dannika Dark
  6. Divergent by Veronica Roth
  7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  8. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
  9. The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld
  10. The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Behind the scenes of the book

  • Amalie has a secret that only her and Alyosha know. Anna plays a bigger role than she thinks she does. Taylor knows something, but isn’t coming clean about it. Nathan may have lost the one thing he never knew he wanted, but always did.