100 Books & 100 Movies Challenge


In 2009, over on the forum we presented our members with a challenge: to read 100 books you’ve never read before and watch 100 movies you’ve never watched before.

We presented this as a challenge, rather than a contest, to encourage our members to embrace storytelling of all kinds.

The staff at yaReads were so impressed with the effort that our members went to that we decided to award a couple of prizes. Here’s how we did it:

For each challenge (both the movie and the book challenge) we entered all the names of those members who actually reached 100. Then, we entered their names into a randomizer and pulled one name for each challenge.

We’re happy to announce that Kat was the winner of the prize for the movie challenge and Casey Jarryn was the winner of the prize for the book challenge.

Casey is the lucky recipient of a book pack and Kat is the lucky recipient of a DVD pack.

We’re starting the challenge again this year and members are already recording their reading and viewing feats over on the forum. If you’d like to participate, click here. You never know what might be in store for the winners of the 2010 challenges.